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Survival Weekend (2 days)

Survival courseWhat

This is a hands on course. The instructors will explain and demonstrate but you will get the opportunity to have a go at everything!

With this fun-packed course you will practice such skills as making shelters (and sleeping in them), Natural cordage(depending on season) , Finding edible plants and making fires.

You need have no knowledge of survival skills to attend this course.  This is learning through experience.

You will cover the following:

  • Fire lighting
    You will cover the following:

1. Basic principles of firelighting – siting, laying, safety (extinguishing and removing traces)
2. Choosing the right natural materials (the best woods, bark, fungi and grasses)
3. Preparing the tinders so that they light quickly
4. Six ways of making a fire

Survival Course - Firelighting



You will get to make several fires using these skills, including making feather sticks using bow drills.

  • Water
    Where and how to find water, water purification.
  • Shelter
    Man made and natural shelters.
    Making a natural shelter and a chance to sleep in it if you wish.
  • Plant & tree use
    How to identify and use the natural resources around you for food, firelighting and other bushcraft uses.
  • Outdoor cooking

Prepare and cook meals over an open fire. We provide the meat (rabbit, pigeon) and basic ingredients and teach you the cooking techniques but you have to prepare and cook it.
Alterantive arrangements can be made for vegetarians or people with special dietary needs.


We run this course regularly. See our course dates for the next available course.

The day course starts at 7:30pm on Friday evening and finishes at about 12pm on Sunday.


Suitable for beginners, or those with some experience who want further practice.

For adults and children aged 16 or over.

There is a maximum of 10 people on this course.


We run our courses in various beautiful woodlands in and around the heart of Sussex.

How much

The cost of the course is £150 for the weekend per person.


To book please complete our contact form.

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    Email Kevin at kevin@wildsidesurvival.co.uk for further details.

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