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Bushcraft Courses

Introduction to Bushcraft (1 day)

Introducing you to the world of Bushcraft, Teaching you some skills and techniques to live comfortably in the great outdoors. A great course for beginners, covering shelter, fire and water.

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Family Bushcraft Day (1 day)

A real chance for the whole family to get closer to nature. Covering Shelter, fire and water.

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Navigation (1 day)

Learn how to use a map and compass out in the field, Teaching you the basic skills of navigation covering Grid references, Bearings, Contours and Terrain.

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Team Building (1 day)

Learn how to build a natural shelter and the importance of shelters. Then go on to learn different methods of lighting fire and why a fire is so important. A real opportunity to get your work mates working as a team.

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Survival Weekend (2 days and 2 nights)

Two days covering all aspects of survival and bushcraft including Firelighting, Outdoor survival techniques and finding wild foods. You will also have the opportunity to build and sleep in a shelter overnight.

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Survival Food (1/2 day)

Come and spend a Morning foraging for wild foods from the hedgerows and meadows learning to identify some culinary delights. This course will open your eyes as to what nature can provide.

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