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Kit List

All courses

Walking boots

Waterproof clothing

Notebook and pencil (optional)

Camera (optional)

Cup (Very important)


Day courses

Please bring a Packed lunch and cup ( A brew kit is provided)


Weekend courses

Bring everything for the day courses and please include the following:

Tent or Shelter of your choice

Sleeping bag (at least 3 season preferably)

Sleeping mat

Bivvy bag (available from all army surplus stores)

At least 2 changes of clothing

Torch (+spare batteries)

Food for your breakfast and lunch

Please phone or email me if your having trouble getting any equipment – We may be able to loan some stuff to you for the course.


Optional extras:

Camp chair



On the weekend course we will supply ingredients and large pots for the evening meal.

Please bring food and cooking pots etc for our own breakfast and lunch.

Utensils will be required (Pots that can be hung over open fires are ideal)

Water will be supplied on all our courses.



Please do NOT bring your own knives or cutting tools as these will be loaned out where necessary
Alcohol and Non-prescribed drugs are NOT permitted on any Wildside Survival Course


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